Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What Is Happiness???

What is happiness???

Happiness is when I can make "you" happy. I know "you" are reading this as my silent reader. Be it the first man like what "you" said or I will be the last? Like "you" said, "you" can't predict the future, so am I.

So be it, I am happy today because "you" are happy. And it makes what I did in between my busy-ness more worthwhile.

Talking about busy-ness, lately I hardly update my blog thanks to my tight & hectic schedule. I will be flying again tomorrow, this time around domestically to Penang to witness the launch of Penang Cultural Fest. I will be back on Friday and need to rush back to Melaka for one of my best mates bachelor's night. Then be one of the best men for his wedding on Saturday.

Hopefully I will be inspirational enough to post more regularly.

So peeps, what is happiness means to you???

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