Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Adios 2008 - Mikemmery's Review

Today is the last day of 2008. Like any other years before, I look back of what I had been through and recap here, cherish the good memories and learn from the unpleasant ones. So here is my 2008 summary;


In 2007, I was designated as the Asst. Product Manager in my current company LG Electronics. Due to certain circumstances, I requested for a transfer late 2007 and the company set up a new department for me to handle. 2008, I officially head the Business Development department. Ups & downs throughout the year, the best achievement this year would be the product placement in KLIA, 200 plus LCD screens. In terms of career growth, I had a few calls from competitors in my industry, I did gave a serious thought to it as I had been with the same company for many years now but finally decided to see through the difficult recession years to come.


Not much changes. I had been going back to my hometown, Melaka pretty frequently. At least once a month, if not more. Mom been busy at the shop, at times she would say she wanna rest but since each and every of my siblings are scattered around, she would be bored to stay at home though. Dad as his usual self, had been bad in managing his work stress but overall this year it had been a happy year for him. At his age of 54, he's learning well on the internet. Bought him a wireless modem and besides his weekly football news, he would check on my blog once in a blue moon. Oh ya, my younger brother got married in November. The first in the family, it was a first time to all of us in the family.


Being single, you need friends. Out of those hundreds of friends, there are handful that you can really count on. Be it their companion or their presence when you needed them the most. My network had expanded tremendously. Blogger friends, clients & customers who eventually became my friends and we hang out together, drinking friends, facebook friends, friends I met during my oversea trips and the list can go on & on. And I wanna take this opportunity to thank you peeps for being there always. Let's rock 2009!


Early of the year, I thought I opened up my heart for someone. She disappointed me a lot, during months of courtship and eventually a very low profile one month relationship, I tried to cherish the good moments. I did during these few months opened up my heart to love again. Well, I still feel I made the right decision to call it off. It is better early than later. I met a lot of new female friends but not many I felt the chemistry. The second half of this year, I had been keeping close touch with my ex, somehow on my past very few posts, I still miss her but conscious mind telling to move on.


The country I visited most this year is Hong Kong. Three times in total this year. Besides Hong Kong, I visited Macao twice and stayed in the much talked about casino resort, The Venetian. Been to Thailand twice this year as well. Then as for domestically, been to Cameron, Ipoh, many times to Melaka tour guiding other friends, Kuala Selangor & Sabah. In 2009, confirmed destination for me so far is Thailand in Jan 09, Langkawi in Feb 09, China in Oct 09 & Hong Kong in Nov 09.


Everyone is talking about recession but our government are still optimistic about next year. I am not that confident though. In a way, I am glad I am still employed. I think this will be one of the worst recession cycle that I will need to pull through. My policy, stay in job & create value.


The best movie this year, I would award it to Ip Man. Quantum of Solace was a letdown. The Dark Knight is awesome too thanks to Heath Ledger but perhaps being Chinese I am a bit bias to award it to Ip Man.


Age really got caught up with me. I do not enjoy listening to fast tempo songs. I no longer tune to, my No.1 station now is Lite & Easy followed by No particular songs I like this year but I learn to appreciate jazz these days.


Not treble but it is a Double. The Devils did it again. My favorite F1 team lost out though. And on Malaysian sports scene... sigh... just a silver, you will be honored a Datuk. Imagine how many Datuks & Tan Sris it will be if it is enforced in China. Those tidak apa attitude... sigh...


Improved a lot since the last 2 years. Tone down a lot on my impulse buying & shopping. Unlike those days where I will buy gadgets and landed myself in debts. Spent more on traveling this year and thanks to a friend (he is reading this) who had helped me during my bad days in the previous years. For the first time too, I have the urge to get a house on my own. Probably it will be in 2009.


This year I would award it to the respectable Barrack Obama, the first black president of United States of America. Malaysia? I give up!


This time around, let it be Anwar Ibrahim. His plan to takeover sounded like Chipsmore cookies, now you see it, now you don't!

Blog of the Year

Shadowfox! Do I need to say more? Check it out yourself here.

Hmm... the time now is 6PM. I can go on and on the list but time is really limited. Reaching the big 30 this year, unlike those younger years, where I would be eagerly joining the countdown sessions in the clubs, parties, boozing. But tonight I opted for a quieter outing. Going for a movie with my best friend and a colleague & his wife.

Happy New Year to all Mikemmery's readers. I love you all!

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