Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 2 - Northen Thailand

Continuing from my earlier 2 post, this trip to Doi Tung had been an eye opener for me in a lot of ways.

On the 2nd October 2009, I reached the Doi Tung point at around 8PM where my host came & picked me up to her house. The place that I stayed is very comfortable, cooling & peaceful. Dinner was prepared and since it had been a long long traveling day for me, I opted for a good rest instead of going anywhere.

Next morning, woke up at around 9AM, went to my host's sister house. Had my breakfast which is similar to our Malaysian laksa, just that it is spicier served with minced pork & pig's blood cubes. It is really yummy!

Then we went visiting around the village, I am really touch with the warm reception of these villagers. Each & every house we went, there were food & drinks. It is like a whole day long feasting session. And not to mention plenty of beers. Beers are dirt cheap. A dozen of big bottles of "Leo" beers cost me about 500baht.

Practically my second day, I eat, eat & eat... drink, drink & drink... in short, I am drunk.

My 3rd day in Doi Tung, this is somehow the most important day for the people here. Then only I realized that they actually considered mid-autumn as their new year celebration. There are plenty of new years in this part of Thailand actually. In October they celebrated the mid-autumn in a big way, then in November, they celebrate "Loy Kae Thong" which to welcome the winter, then the Thai too celebrate the common new year celebrated worldwide on every 31st December and somewhere in April they will celebrate Songkran.

I shall continue the 3rd day on a separate day, gotta take an early rest because I am heading to Hong Kong early tomorrow, my flight will be 7AM.

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