Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why My Country Sucks

The new video circulating around tells what I really feel about my country. I will put up the video later at the end of my post. If you have not know, Namewee, who is a hero to many young people in Malaysia, made a new video to screw TNB, a GLC, a monopoly and one of its kind in its industry.

How many Malaysians have never experience electricity interruption in Malaysia? I doubt there is any. My sister had been in Hong Kong for the past 7 years, she had never experience any of it as far as she is concern. Reason: In Hong Kong, major utilities like water & electricity, do need maintenance therefore the possibility of breakdown is zero! During this few hours maintenance every month, the utility company will advice at least 2 weeks in advance and chose the period when people will be at work most of the time to do the maintenance.

So you tell me, when can Malaysia improve? Even whatever fuck political tsunami or whatsoever, it will make no difference, more than half century gone since independence, I do not foresee my country will go through another half century any better.

To my few friends who migrated and got the other country citizenship or PR status, CONGRATS!!! Hope to follow suit soon! Enjoy the video!


kenwooi said...

lol.. namawee.. =D

Kennee said...

All hail Namewee~ XD Btw, nanged ya on innit and also ad clicked ya... ^^

Tony Wan said...

Hahaha Namewee. I like his songs and his gut. LOL

tedlive said...

so true...Namewee you have guts!