Saturday, October 24, 2009

Updates From Hong Kong

I had been receiving the same question again and again but I do see the logic behind this question. Being away from home for a long period, it makes sense for friends back home to ask this.

People, I am here in Hong Kong not entirely for leisure, that is for sure. Hong Kong is not a country like Thailand where you can survive with minimal spending. The pace and living standard in Hong Kong is high, it is only logical for you to earn and spend here. So i will update a bit on what I am doing, why I made this move and when all this will be over.

Thanks to my years of networking in the cyberworld, be it blogging, facebooking, twittering, etc, I was requested by a company here in Hong Kong to assist on their website revamping. This is an international company with networks across 18 cities around the world. Unfortunately, their business had grown rapidly that they ignored entirely the importance of web marketing.

So I was given a task to do a total makeover on their website and at the same time advice them on activities to run online. For the past 2 weeks, I had meetings with the owner of the business and was requested to understand fully on their business before they award me the whole project. So in a way, I am sort like a web marketing consultant if you need to give a position to it.

In terms of knowledge on internet, I would say Malaysians are doing better than the people here in Hong Kong. The people here are more practical and more revenue centric kind of thinking and to invest a substantial money onto web, I need to have a certain level of convincing power towards my client. The few days I had checked in their office and I was given a work desk by them. Though in terms of knowledge we Malaysians have the human resource in this area but unfortunately in Malaysia we are enjoying crap internet connection. The infrastructure here is amazing, in terms of bandwidth that makes surfing a pleasure here not to mention downloading & uploading files.

Client's office is in the Hong Kong International Airport (I will talk about in depth of their businesses in another day). I was given a chance to tour the whole airport both Terminal 1 & 2 and Arrival Hall. This airport is massively huge and a lot of walking around, a simple tour can last about 3 hours per session. I had done 3 tours so far and now is in the final stage of getting all the collective data and findings for my analysis to client.

I am supported by designers in Malaysia and dear if you are reading this, thanks for the great support, we can do great things together and my apology for pushing and giving you info on the very last minute each and every time. As for me, I will be doing the copy writing for them. So I am sort like a medium to coordinate and communicate client's needs and requirements to my designers.

In terms of my own revenue, I would say the amount is not what many would assume it is, in short, OK lah, if not I wouldn't have travel so far for this. That amount was pretty similar to what I made during my employment days in XX company.

Then why do I make this move? Firstly, it is the exposure. Not many would have a chance to work and experience how is it like working in Hong Kong. I had a chance to join the sales & marketing meeting recently and I got to say it is totally a fresh experience for me even though I had been working with Koreans for about 8 years. Secondly, this short project of mine if successfully implemented will do good for my resume definitely. And really, it does make an impact. People with overseas experiences most of the time will have its plus points compare to those with local experiences.

So friends out there, you guys know what I had been doing. And of course, during these period here, I do try my best to meet up friends who make their visit here in Hong Kong. With AirAsia, more and more Malaysians will frequent Hong Kong. Next week will be meeting ex-colleagues who will be here for a launching and I will be attending it. The week after, another 3 female friends will be coming for a shopping trip and the following week 2 other friends are coming. So I manage to squeeze my time to juggle between work and leisure here.

My mom and my youngest brother had just gone home today. So it's home alone most of the time for me here and yes I do miss friends back home. I do not miss Malaysia to be frank but I miss my friends who are able to listen to me, to cheer me up when I need to, I miss them a lot! And I do hope I can conclude my project here and meet up with them for a short time in December, fingers crossed! Brothers, pray for me ya!

And for the next year's plan, I will share when the time is right. At the moment, I just want to focus on this project and I cannot afford to flop at this point of time. Ending this long winded post with a photo taken in Elements in Kowloon.

Until then, work aside, I will update more about my life here soon! Love you!


kenwooi said...

enjoy yourself there! =D

KwOnG FeI said...

i been to hk before..
their prices of good is like 2 x in malaysia.. and haven't count the currency exchange rates...

being invited to work in HK is a great pride.. gambate in ur job and prove to HK that Malaysia Boleh.. btw, i believe ur salary will be very high too~ also haven't count the currency exchange rate

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Really interested to know how people feel when working at other country.
I've read every single word and it amaze me =D

Just do it Michael!