Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's Left Back Home in Malaysia?

This is the first time I am away from my home country for a long time. To be frank, I felt a bit alienated and trying my very best to cope with the life here in Hong Kong. It is not easy when you had been in a country for more than 2 decades, building your very own comfort zone, meeting friends, hanging out, mamak-ing, the food and suddenly you find yourself in a foreign country minus all these good o' times.

The first few days were a torture especially finding a good place for food at reasonable price and missing those fun with friends back home but I try to minimize those thoughts, focusing and observing the new culture that I need to blend into.

Somehow I really felt sorry for the state of my home country, Malaysia.
Over here in Hong Kong, people are so occupied of what they are doing and the locals are really professional about their daily tasks, be it the cleaner, the waiter, cashier or the hard labors. Everybody is fighting for survival, the more hardworking you are, the more rewarding it is. Indonesians & Philippinos are mainly seen as domestic maid here and the local Chinese seems to me to be able to find a living here.

Now back in my home country, being a Chinese, we tend to be picky with our jobs, simply because we are being paid crap salary. We import labors, and these labors subsequently shoot the crime in our country up. We have crap politicians trying to compare us to Vietnam & Cambodia.

And reading news about home, how in Malaysia the Chinese community can fight for its right when the component party that represents the Chinese in Malaysia is being operated by jokers?
And yes, I am talking about MCA. Our friend went berserk and sack yet another fella from his team because that fella is no longer seen as an ally (as many said). I do not blame OTK. Yes, he is seen to be a hero revealing the famous PKFZ scandals, but in Malaysia, you cannot work as a lone ranger. The PKFZ thing once revealed, it will nail a lot of those top people who walk the corridor of power. I do not think OTK can survive this fire fighting internally & externally.

Sigh... what happened man? I just a normal Malaysian who wants to see Malaysia like any other developed countries, is it too much to ask for? Can those who walk the corridor of power share their wealth with the people? And damn why my dad is not a politician? If he is, I probably would have better chance to survive and get financial assistance from any banks.

And stop talking bad about Pakatan Rakyat on how PAS, DAP & KeAdilan are having crisis. Fuck! At least those fellas dare to voice themselves up to condemn each other. MCA & MIC, you are seen to be OK with your partners because you watch too much of Jim Carrey's "YES MAN".

Just too much of bad publicity about Malaysia lately. Can't help myself but to rant aimlessly a bit.

Felt better now... Today, I had a chance to work closely with my client in Hong Kong, it had been a good experience for me to be called to join their internal sales & marketing meeting today. Long day but I learned a lot.
I am taking a day break off work tomorrow, meeting Malaysian friends here.

I promised no more on "no solution" political issue in my blog, will post more on my Hong Kong life here & pray for me dude, I responded to an interest on getting me a full-time employment in Thailand. Hopefully they can work out a reasonably good remuneration package for me, ciaoz for now :)

Ending the post with a life's good pose taken in Elements, Kowloon, Hong Kong :p


kenwooi said...

this is malaysia mar..
what to do? hmm..


Mizzsharon said...

Good points you have there.
Fact is I don't think Malaysians, esp the Chi and Ind are a very patriotic bunch.
Few days and you miss the food in M'sia? You are in HK man!!! So much good food there!!! I havn't eaten a single tofu dish in close to one year LOL.