Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 3 - Northern Thailand

So back to my travelogue, day 3 in Northern Thailand.

During my stay in Thailand, I am having a rather healthy body clock. Slept around 11PM and woke up 8ish every day. Unlike my days in Malaysia & Hong Kong. I can't sleep last night until 4AM, crazy. That is the problem when you live in big city where the city never sleeps, filled with entertainments.

OK, let's not sway away from the main agenda here. On day 3, woke up at my usual 8ish. Showered and my host decided to bring me to the "Assistant Head of Village" house. In other words if the head of village is President, then this guy would be the VP. Before that, we went for the Thai laksa again as breakfast, then on her motorbike we traveled to our destination.

Arriving at the house, there were many people there already. The guys would be busy making man-made fireworks while the ladies will do preparation for the prayers in celebration of mid-autumn.

Knowing that I am a no-help to them, I just kaypoh kaypoh look see look see only, ample of food and beer throughout. This continues until about 4PM. Then head back home for a shower and quick rest anticipating for the big night.

Waking up, my host already prepared home-cooked stuff for me. While I am doing my dinner, she was busy decorating the exterior of the house with lanterns, it had been a long long time since I seen lanterns hanging around the house - very warm feeling :)

After dinner, dressed up a bit, we proceeded to the temple. I did not take much pictures there as its weird because it seems that I am the only one snapping pictures. Most of the pictures taken was along my journey to the temple. There was a stage where performances will be held. Girls in their traditional costumes from different tribes performed. My host told me some even sing Burmese songs as most of the people in Northern Thailand are Burmese immigrants escaped to Thailand during the tribe-wars in Burma many years ago. Fireworks & chanting can be heard. Many people also bought the big big lantern, where you make a wish, stick it on the lantern and let it rise to the air (this can be seen in Malaysia as well) but I have never seen so many lanterns being released at a go, the sighting was simply amazing but too bad I was too captivated that I did not take a shot of it. As the crowd grew larger, we decided to leave the place as some kids were tagging along with us.

As we were walking along the stretch to the temple, people are enjoying singing, dancing & boozing regardless of age, size, gender or race (it looked a bit like San Pedro celebration in Melaka). I even danced with aunties and strangers, they will buy you beer even if they do not know you, it was really a warm feeling. There is also a corner where girls with fair complexion will dressed up in traditional costumes, they do allow you to dance with them but with a small fee of 10 Baht. Nice! Imagine the Malaysian girls charging RM1 for a dance in the club, it will never happen, Malaysian girls at times act too high class (majority but not all) :P

We ended the night boozing till wee hours at the VP house. He was really happy as this is the first time a man like me from foreign country goes to his house and celebrate with him. Thanks Pip Uun!

To be continue - Day 4.

ps: I spotted a brand new factory outlet at the mall near the place I am staying in Hong Kong, check it out here.

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10bth for a dance.. wow! That was the phrase that catches my attention the most... XD

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