Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 4 - Northern Thailand

Continuing from Day 3, quite drunk the night before, woke up about 10AM on Day 4. Washed up, cleaned up, my host brought me to this famous stall that sells "Som Tam" (the popular Thai Salad). We packed quite a bit of this and went again to Pip Uun house again. The day started with brunch, on top of the Som Tam that we bought, there were beef soup, Bah Kut Teh and some real spicy chicken. And again, we drank beer. We finished about 6 bottles of large Leo beer, then Pip Uun planned to bring me to a local waterfall, my wrong for not taking the name down, but the whole journey been something new to me.

In Thai, we can see a lot of pick-ups, so I had the chance to ride on one. 7 of us in a pick-up, along the way we drank and drank and drank. Beer is cheap like I mentioned in my few posts earlier. Reaching there about 3PM, we hang around, we brought food and beer, so it was sort of a picnic for me, I cannot even recall the last time I had picnic, perhaps it was back when I am still in my primary school days. It was fun!

On our journey back at about 6PM, we stopped at a hot-spring, bought eggs meant to be boiled in the hot spring, enjoy the landscape with beer, and I had never drink so much of beer in my life. My friends in Malaysia knowing me, recognize that I am not a beer-man but somehow in Thai, the beer tastes better, most of the beer I drank was quite mild and smooth.

Then came dinner time, we went to my host cousin's place, the guys cooked for us, we had great food and by now we probably had our 3rd dozens of beers. After the dinner, I took my last picture which was the image of the moon but the night was not over as yet. We changed and the plan was to bring me to a local disco.

We went to the one & only BM Disco in Maesai, nothing much to shout about, it is about the same kind of disco we can find in Hatyai or Chiang Mai, DJ dance numbers interval with performances.

It was one great night! We reached home about 3AM that night, fun!

OK, now day 5 coming up!

Before signing off, would like to share this masterpiece song with you all, you need to understand Mandarin & Hokkien to catch the creativeness of the song. Enjoy!

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Kennee said...

Cool post... ^^ Looks like u njoyed alot for ya trip up in thailand... XD
Btw, nanged ya post on innit and also clicked on ya ads here already... ^^