Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Greetings From Hong Kong

Hmm... Halloween somehow is a big thing here in Hong Kong, everywhere you go, be it malls or stalls by the roadside, you can see them selling pumpkins, costumes, funny accessories, etc.

Not only that, Disneyland HKG got Halloween theme, Ocean Park got theirs as well, Madame Tussauds the wax museum got some scary shits there. It's blardy happening here!

And what's my plan? Halloween on Saturday, I'm home alone & I got no costume but heck, I am gonna walk down to The Aviator as a hunter, to see if I can get lucky or not, any cutie home alone too???... hiak hiak hiak!

Happy Halloween to all of you & I do hope the guys get lucky ya! ;D

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