Monday, December 17, 2007

Colbie Caillat : Coco (Album Review)

Sorry for my long abscence here. Work been occupying most of time now, and it is not worth to talk about it anymore, for those who had my MSN would have been curious with my nick "It's Time To MO!", in the short span of 2 weeks, I shall reveal my plan.

At the moment, I need a lot of good music to lift my heart, to warm my soul & to make me feel good. I had been listening to Colbie Caillat (pronounced as Col-Bee Cal-Lay) with her debut album "Coco", which is currently
No.1 in the Billboard Chart for Top Modern Rock/Alternatives Album.

Don't you think she resembles the look of the infamous Jennifer Aniston? She is noted for her MySpace profile which led her to become the number one unsigned singer in her genre for four months. Check out her full detailed biography at her official site.

This is a very much a highly recommended album, at least it tops in my list of the best album of 2007, with hits like "Bubbly" and my personal favourites "The Little Things" & "Realize". Here is the track list for her debut album;

01 Oxygen
02 The Little Things
03 One Fine Wire
04 Bubbly
05 Feelings Show
06 Midnight Bottle
07 Realize
08 Battle
09 Tailor Made
10 Magic
11 Tied Down
12 Capri

Wondering what's for X'mas gift? Something soul uplifting? Go get "Coco" now! Signing off with one of her finest piece video. Enjoy!


Seizhin said...

Wow the power of internet and advertisement!!

Her profile is really interesting.

Gotta admit that she has a good voice as well. I might consider getting this for Christmas or something. :)

maegen said...

i love the bubbly soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much ... :P
merry x'mas & happy yr 2008 ~!! CHEERS !!

Jacky Cham said...

heard one of her songs on radio...dunno the title, but seriously...i like her song. and i think she's very young and has lots of potential....

Michael Song said...

seizhin... go get the album, it's nice & still playin in my car audio...

maegen... i love bubbly & other songs too...

jacky... true enuff...

buy said...

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