Monday, December 03, 2007

S.H.E Live @ KL Concert

To further cleanse my site before some would regard that I had a poor anger management, I decided to share one of the best concert I ever witnessed. Rest assured my fellow readers & friends, I am not explosively angry but just got a little bit irritated only. Thanks to Kuan for her air tebu though, it helps :P Get ready peeps, this gonna be a super duper long post with a lot of pictures...

As many would know, LG once again the presenter for 2 consecutive concerts in 2 weekends at Stadium Merdeka, first was the
TVXQ and the very recent weekend was SHE. Was there as early as 5pm to lepak work as I have a promotional booth there participated by one of my dealer. The crowd ain't that packed as compared to TVXQ the previous week, but wait till you read until the end of the post.

Met up with my childhood friend-cum-schoolmate-cum-blogger, Chris, glad to see himself & his gf Janice at the stadium... psst, psst, don't mention so much about the ticket, alot other bloggers will get upset :P

I was a day earlier being given 2 VIP tickets by my boss to watch the concert and it is not a very hard task to get a date to accompany you to concert like this, so I called up my long time friend, Meow to accompany me, thanks for the company and patience while I am busy with my clients at the site. Also met up with Alan who happened to be on duty as well.

Although like I mentioned earlier, the early crowd ain't that packed as I foreseen compared to TVXQ, but believe me or not, it is a sold out concert, the crowd and atmosphere is simply electrifying. The set-up of the performance stage though is not as advance as TVXQ but it was the showmanship by these girl band that ROCK!!! And seriously, not only having the girls-next-door look, they really can sing, I mean sing in live. Live vocal performance wise, they faired better than TVXQ minus the minor glitches on microphone error.

I saw Jeff Ooi there too!!! Check out his site, it is not always about political, he got a far better snap shots for the whole concert. *How I wish someone buys me a DSLR this X'mas... sob... sob*

Picture courtesy from Jeff Ooi's Screenshots ~ Hebe with Fahrenheit

Many of my key dealers came for the concert, introducing one of the nicest dealer & friend since I joined this industry, Mr. Tom & his wife from Phone Two, key dealer located in BB Plaza, if you are looking for LG Mobile at a reasonable price with great after sales service, do check his outlets in BB Plaza.

Who said life after singlehood is bitter? At times, yes, you long for those touches but heck care, I am not only being accompanied by one female companion, I have 3!!! From left to right ~ Meow, me, Nicole & Sylvia Wong. Thanks girls!

You know what happened when you are with a bunch of fun outgoing girls? Apa lagi... camwhoring session lar, my shameless camwhoring thanks to Meow...

Met up my biological brother there, I mentioned "biological" as I might confuse some because most of my male buddies who got featured here before, I regarded them as my brothers... kekeke... oh ya, in between, my brother is flying off to Macau tonight, he perhaps now in the plane while I am updating this... bro, enjoy your holidays ya!

Introducing also this leng-lui, Nicole, a friend & colleague, someone who walked the journey through hardship & bitterness while working together in the GSM department. Tough tough girl, and if you happen to read this, thanks for everything ya, you are one hell of a girl!

Phew... 2 weeks in a row, I hardly had enough sleep and now I guess many would have know why didn't I update my blog regularly for the past 2 weeks, thanks to LG Mobile for this 2 great concerts, and this weekend I shall be back to Melaka to enjoy some kampung feeling and rejuvenate my tired soul.

LG Mobile BOLEH!!! Ending up with one of my favourite SHE song to all... I love HEBE!!! :P


Seizhin said...

At least you can rejuvenate yourself in Melaka.
Work hard, rest hard!

SilverIsle said...

Eh. You wore TVXQ t-shirt to SHE concert? Haha.

Anywayz, great cover on the event yo!

Michael Song said...

seizhin... ya, perhaps something fresh i can talk bout after i come back from melaka :P

silverisle... very alert huh u? kekeke... actually the front part is TVXQ, the back part of the shirt is SHE, both LG the main presenter :P

Anonymous said...

cool concert. The first pic looks like u hv your hair tied up with some hairband that looks like sio ling kid. :D

Melissa said...

just stumbled upon your blog in Innit. :)

Cool :)

Melissa said...

btw, i went for the concert too.haha!

Michael Song said...

jane... thanks for compliment...

melissa... thanks 4 visiting n too bad we diden know each other b4 the concert, if not can meet up...

Melissa said...


Nah, i got the ticket from my cousin brother. He opens a handphone shop in Taiping, Perak.

You're working in LG?? COOLL!! The viewty phone is awesome :)

Nice knowing you!