Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Apartment Pimped

Taking my time off from my busy self in the office today to meet up with some friends which frankly I miss hell a lot *at least mike got a life k :P* It had been a while since I last met up with Timothy aka Boss Stewie of Nuffnang. I am pai seh in a way that he himself took his time off at work to meet up for dinner and it had been quite a while. I made the call, so I decided to try out at The Apartment, The Curve. Tim reached early *sorry Boss, I came late & kept you waiting*

It was my first time there and prior to this dinner outing, my colleague had recommended myself to try the roast duck. Flipping through the menu which made of some graph book that I recalled using it during my secondary school days for add maths, I ordered the Roast Duck while Tim had his target on Baked Fish.

While waiting for the food to be served, we chatted up what's happening and what's not in almost everything. And for Tim's admirers, I know what's on top of his wishlist for X'mas gift d, want a hint? :P

And we both agreed that girls nowadays seem to be attracted to Bengs or Sengs, one of the topic he
posted lately, and yes although he is always seen to be surrounded by girls, he is very much a single or should I say the most eligible bachelor at least in the blogosphere and so do I. Pathetic huh? 2 single males having fusion dinner a cosy restaurant :P

Before some minds swayed thinking otherwise what's happening between us, we were then joined by another friend of mine who frankly I miss a lot, someone I befriended during my
trip to Bangkok, the bubbly & pretty Joyce. And guys, she is also single *promoting promoting* :P Together with Joyce, her colleague Miselyn. Hey Miselyn, if you reading this, nice to meet you ya.

It is always nice to meet people from different industry, although most of the topics we shared were mainly on work, a lot of fresh & innovative ideas popped up which could be a good use. We should do this more often frankly.

And guess what???

Wondering what's inside the pretty paper bag???


Thanks to Joyce, for the coming few posts I will do reviews on some music albums made of various genres. It is not a paid advertorial lar, I am not that big yet lar :)

In between, we should do the dinner more often. Thanks for the short but much needed breakaway from office and Joyce, I do not care, the next outing we go movie k :P



Boss Stewie said...

eh what admirers... i dun haf any admirers ler!!

Joyce said...

Yo bro~ Thanks for promoting me on ur site that's worth $36,695.10. haha..

Skyler said...

Hahahaha Tim is always surrounded by girls because he only hires girls :P

Kenny Ng said...

The paper bag is Eagles but the CDs not geh?

Seizhin said...

So many CDs.
At least you can listen to them all now.

Michael Song said...

boss... u got admirers, dont lie...

joyce... my pleasure, hopefully u will b happier by end of the year :P

skyler... u never heard be4 meh? behind every successful man, there is always a girl :P

kenny... Eagles CD belum dapat :P

seizhin... ya listening to it everyday, wait 4 my review ya...

mirror said...

And we both agreed that girls nowadays seem to be attracted to Bengs or Sengs, one of the topic he posted lately <<<< u're kidding me...i'm a girl and i dun attracted to ah bengs or sengs