Friday, December 28, 2007

Last Day in Office 2007

The time now is 8.41PM and the office is rather in a jovial mood. There are far more people today than any other day, to all of us, today will be our very last day in office for 2007. I am bidding farewell to my former department and welcoming my new assignment with open arms. Thanks to all well-wishers for my new role.

And today, the HR held a year end party for all staff, something that made us felt working hard for the whole 2007 worthwhile. Introducing my MD, Mr. TY Ko. Thanks Boss for the words of wisdom and your trust in me, will strive even harder in 2008.

Great food by our caterer, Kelana Seafood Restaurant. And some other random shots taken a while ago. To my colleagues who are reading this, Happy New Year to all. In any event, I might have hurt anyone's feelings or misunderstanding occured, my sincere apology to all ya.

Yes, we do have our own anthem too ;) And after this, I am heading down to Fraggipani to check out my roadshow there. All of a sudden I felt pretty empty and lonely... dunno why... hmm... what am I missing now?

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SilverIsle said...

LOLz. LG Song! Haha. You just learned how to sing it or you knew it long ago? =P