Sunday, January 18, 2009

Counting Down To CNY

Despite the unpleasant start, things were alright for the past few first weeks of 2009. Although everyone is discussing about the recession and the economic crisis, it perhaps had affected the retailing industry but as far as ongoing project is concern, I had been busy submitting tenders & quotations. Just crossing fingers that everything will turns out well. There are many competitors in the market now, price is no longer the only tool to win bid & project, but those who can create value to the business which is important.

Talking about creating value, I am pretty upset with one FMCG company who has been a hypocrite in a way. I shall blog about it soon and hope the brand or product manager of this company will be more sensitive when running competition for bloggers. Another day for this.

And what's new in 2009 for me? I picked up golf, it had been a week since I played. Just cannot get enough of it. Thanks to a buddy who kind enough to give me a few Irons and I had invested on a glove, shoes & a weekend bag. Been playing almost everyday and hope to lose some weight this year. My doctor sounded not too happy when he examined me early this year. I gained about 10KG for the past 2 years. So, this year I decide to have quality & healthy lifestyle - reduce drinking, more golfing, get off from office earlier & perhaps swimming. Swimming will be possible once I conclude my condominium deal.

Now counting down to Chinese New Year (CNY), I had done a bit of clothing shopping during my trip to HK and adding to that, I had quick shopping in One Utama yesterday. Got tops & slacks for myself and Polo Tee for both mom & dad and my youngest brother. Am looking forward to the long one week holidays where I will spend with my family in Malacca and going for a quick breakaways to Indonesia.

That's the quick update for now. An early Gong Xi Fa Cai to all. See you peeps soon.

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