Tuesday, January 13, 2009


For the past few days, I had been missing from the blogosphere.

Reason - I picked up golf. I never like this sport when I was younger and I swallowed my words and I am now somehow addicted to it.

Tips for beginner in golf.

1. Get a good glove - I bought myself a Nikepro for only RM45 in RGT Kelana Jaya.

2. Get a club - for beginners, go for Wedges or Iron 7. Do not go for a full golf set if you just wanna try it out. Loan it from your friends who are golfing. If you love the sport, then get a second hand iron set complete with wedges, putter & driver.

3. Golfing location - golf is no longer regarded as the sport for the rich. In Klang Valley itself, there are dozens of driving range clubs. Driving range in Bandar Utama (BU), Tropicana & Sri Damansara are some of my favorite spots. You go to driving range before go down to the green. Get your swing & mood right, be positive. And believe me when I said it is an affordable sport, driving range cost you averagely RM10 for every 100 balls.

4. Shoes - Beginner who play in driving range, a proper running/jogging sneakers will do. No slippers, sandals or flip-flops.

5. Warm Up - warm up and stretch yourself before swinging.

6. Hand & body position & swinging style - watch this video below

Happy Golfing!!!

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Harmony said...

I always think Golf are for elites.