Saturday, January 10, 2009

Public Phone Got Me Thinking

2 days ago, I was having dinner by myself. In fact I am waiting for a friend at a kopitiam nearby, my mobile had been indicating the 'low batt' for quite a while and it died out eventually. And feeling uneasy without a phone, I walked to the nearest public phone available, I looked at the numpads on the public phone and instead of making calls, I made a further unneccessary thinking looking at the public phone.

I had been relying so much on the mobile phone and the contacts. I thought to myself what if I do not have a phone? What if I am in emergency without a phone, who should I contact? Then I start to think of numbers I can remember, screening through the list minus all my family and home contacts, these people listed below in fact had played a significant important role and have a great impact in my life.

***-*** 0031
***-*** 4490
***-*** 3089

Thanks for being part of my life.


hyperX said...

People nowadays relied on their phone so much including myself. To be honest, I can't live without my phone even for a second.

Jacky Cham said...

xxx-xxx7778 tarak ka???

haha, nvm la....cny eve we futsal ok. c ya man...