Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Mikemmery's Mommy

8th January 2008. Early morning I made a call to mom as today is her birthday. Then for the whole day I am out of office meeting clients all over, from Mon't Kiara to Putrajaya then to Sri Damansara. Finished with my client about 9PM and while driving home from LDP, I felt the rush of inspiration in me to write about mommy as today is her auspicious day.

Happy birthday Mommy!!! Sorry for not being able to celebrate with you but we had a great dinner last week right?

My mommy is officially 53 years old. And I looked back all these years to present day, it is her who had been listening to me attentively, gives me the support and courage when I am at the lowest point of my life. I shared a lot with mom. Even my darkest secrets but she never condemned me and if not because of her, I would have given up my life.

Mom knew I had tattoos, 3 of them. One bearing dad's & her name. Mom cried when she knew I broke up, mom introduced to me those evergreen English songs of her era during my childhood, mom helped me when I confronted difficulties, called me to console me when she knew I am upset. I can just go on & on about her.

Thanks mom for all these. Just want you to know that although I am pretty stuck up with my work, I cannot get my mind off you.

Happy birthday Mommy!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

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~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T A N said...

sumhow i find that extremely touching.
to tattoo mom n dads name on urself is beyond words

god bless!