Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hypocrite is one who hides his intentions & true personality. It can be applied on both an individual or a company. In this post, I will talk about both.

Many MNCs are appointing marketing agency to manage their marketing activities both 'above the line' (ATL) & 'below the line'. So many times we can see a lot of ignorant young birds holding the position of Brand or Product Managers fail to achieve its KPI or define the ROI for a marketing campaign.

Online marketing campaigns which once an alien to a lot of MNCs are now on the most sought after marketing tool to boost branding & sales. However, many marketeers fail to live up to its expectation especially targeting bloggers campaign. In this scenario for example, I am putting a print screen of a real big FMCG company in Malaysia which run a campaign for bloggers to put up a post and in return is rewarding bloggers their self-claimed prizes that won't let you down.

Car drifting? Water rafting? Hiking?

To be fair, some bloggers are being paid as much as RM100 by just embedding the youtube video in a post.

I can now understand why not many bloggers are keen on this and a famous blogger campaigning for this company wrote an advertorial on this while he is touring Vietnam. Is this an all paid trip? Or even considering this is not a paid trip, this blogger charges between RM2k to RM3k per post. Now I know why this smells like victory!

With all this pictures, it does not take a genius to figure out who am I talking about isn't it?

p/s: I will still send my this posting for the contest theme "If I had an absolute extreme life" but I doubt the nuffnang team will forward this posting to the company itself. If this post wins, prizes will be donated to the charity. In between, let me show you the example of a good online marketing campaign and talking about the prizes attractiveness. Check out this site here. At least they do not care whether you have unique visitors of 20 or 20k per day.


kennhyn said...

I thought this is what most of the blogger r waiting for?

Marcus said...

Sorry to say this but most of the "picked" winners don't leverage any advertisement or writing skills. They just fuxing win it because they are famous or either that, they have high traffics. I think most of the advertiser would like to manage a database that controls the schedule of when people sux their cock, for example.