Saturday, April 07, 2007

To The Left, To The Left...

This week (2nd ~ 6th April) will best remembered as one of my most memorable week in my entire life... I had never been party-ing like this before. Here is my field report:

Mon : Happy hour @ Black Hole, Sri Hartamas. Drank about 4 jugs, went off @ about 10pm, continue my quest down to KL, suppose to be @ Poppy but it is a ghost club today so we bunch went to Aloha instead, songs were OK but live band sucks to the max, my dad can sing better than them... drank hell a lot, thanks to Mikro-lembut.

Tue : Happy hour @ Sanctuary, Curve. We changed spot as we kinda sick of Black Hole already. Not a bad place, beer is cheap. 3 tier rate. 4pm-6pm nett RM 29, progressively 6pm-8pm RM 34, 8pm-10pm RM39 (hey black hole, u asshole extend ur happy hour lar and when u mentioned nett per jug, u make sure it is nett). We had maybe 4 or 5 jugs. Nice nice. I will come back.

Wed : Fuck! We are so attracted to Sanctuary's rate that we came back. 2 days in a row in Sanctuary!!! We had dinner. Their food is good, recommended!!! Again 4 jugs.

Thu : Headed for Cafe Flam as I still have a balance of one bottle there but fuck you dennis, my card only fucking expired for one damn day. I will not ever step in the club again, fuck off and get a life. Guys stayed out of this damn club ya, this supervisor named dennis (his mobile : 016-285 1308), at first he said he will get me the bottle, then in the end told me his grandma story, how she finished up my bottle and vomitted...(takes a deep breath)... We drank 4 jugs again, with turkey ham pizza.

Fri : This sums up my freaking week, damn 9 good, damn 9 pack, must be because of the F1 party around the golden triangle. We were @ Poppy, damn 9 syok man... I cannot recall how many girls I danced with that nite, damage : 2 bottles of Chivas.

Sat : Was back @ Melaka. I thought I can have a good rest but I think I am destined to party the whole week (hehe). Ok lar, since F1 once a year, heck care lar, party mar party lor. John called and asked me to join him at this new chill out place, had 2 bottles. Nothing much I can say about this joint, a chill out place only for so called VIPs. But who cares leh? I am there for the alcohol :P *updated*

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