Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blink Blink Bling Bling

Yes! I'd patched up with my ex (company). Immediately felt settled once I walked in the office. At the current moment, having a great place to sit surrounded by my best mates in the office. And last night, we worked till about freaking 12.45am and Andrew decided to blog about it, we are BLINKY MUMMY indeed. Thanks to Roger, we had eXtra Old.

My work desk is pretty comfortable (minus the sohai centralized aircon system - sometimes freaking cold, now freaking hot). It also will be hell a busy week for me as there will be upcoming 2 new most anticipated models of LG mobile product line-up. The Shine & Prada.

In my office, I am sitting next to Andrew and behind me is Roy. Good feeling to have nice buddies working so closely to you, something I never got from my previous employment. Everyone been nice and it is like welcoming a Spartan the war.

While working late last night in the office, Angeline MSN to inform that AirAsia is offering free tix again. So exhausted and tired, I delegated the task to her to book for our holidays instead. She managed to grab tix to Siam Reap, Cambodia. Yippee!!! A country I have never been to and plus point is it a day after my birthday in November.

Happy Happy Working Ya ;)


Chin Pai Qua said...

Ganbateh !!!!! AH DEAR!!!!!

Chin Boh Sui said...

Broher in Law , can i follow you to Siam Reap ??

Chin Pai Seh said... envy u !!!

crystal said...

hey, long time din surf your blog already.. looks everything still fine with u.. congra on the new job !! Gambadeh ~