Friday, April 13, 2007

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

I had never been associated with Apple and its product till lately when I bought an iPod Nano. My findings: Apple had real great & innovative products, amazed me in a lot of way (sorry for being such a sakai, this is my first Apple product). Thumbs up Steve Jobs!!!

So review; my beauty is in silver color with the capacity of 4GB. This toy is retailed at RM939 in Malaysia (thanks to the government sales tax & duty), but I managed to buy it at rather a reasonable price (interested to get one?, drop me a message in my comment box). Though the unit is not from Malaysia authorised disty, it still comes with a warranty ya.

The package; check out the box, small crystal clear box. What's inside? The Nano, the all white ear piece, the USB cable for PC Sync, 2 pcs of Apple logo sticker & instruction manual of 1 page only. Cool huh? I loaded 700 songs into it with 25 jpeg pictures, and guess what, I still have another 1GB of free space!!!

So this is my iPod Nano side-by-side with my current LG KG820. Though the phone comes with MP3 player, but I always believe a phone is a phone, nothing beats a real MP3 player. It took me some time to get familiar using it though, the jog dial is fun to play with.

And finally, camwhoring with my new iPod...

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