Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Anyone Got Extra Car???

While driving back from an appointment this afternoon, I felt a weird reaction from my car. Worried about it, I drive straight to the nearest Perodua service center. Went in the reception counter, seeking assistance from the person in charge, explaining the behavior of my car to him and immediately he ushered me to my car to test it out.

After the test drive, he looked at me and shook his head, I looked at him, he said my car is terribly sick. Perhaps it was due to this. I found out that the appointed workshop by my insurance company did not fix it the way it should be. My front wheel base is in terrible shape that it needs to be changed, was quoted in the region of RM6k for this. I was panicked getting the quote but the '2 Choices' mentality I adopted does help to calm me down a bit. I left my car there and phoned my buddy, Alan for assistance, he guided me to send the car to his foreman buddy for a thorough check, let's cross fingers that it will not cost me a bomb (kuan yin ma, I had been good lately, hopefully poh pee, poh pee)

Met 2 new friends with great personalities today. I shall not reveal their identity here but I am sure they will be my readers starting from today. Hey dudes, if you are reading this, thanks & nice meeting you all. I shall find time to understand in depth about your short talks today :)

Officially I am crippled & paralyzed, without a car to travel. My colleague is kind enough to fetch me back today and I will be troubling him again later to fetch me from my place to office. Thanks Andrew, I owe you ya.

Let's hope later someone actually called up to loan me a car to travel during the CNY. My car will be hospitalized perhaps more than 2 weeks I guess.

I can choose to be in bad mood or in a good mood, I chose to be good mood... Stay positive Mike, things will eventually get better!



Chris said...

walao eh...the previous workshop din fix it...damn! and now it's costing u 6k!!! not a good way to the new year 2008 eh...

anyway, lets be positive about it...thank God nothing bad happens while driving and that u found out before disaster strikes!

Michael Song said...

chris... im positive...