Monday, January 21, 2008

TGIF Voucher From Nuffnang

I had a very bad backache this morning that I had to take time off from work, something that I cannot afford to do due to my action-packed schedule before the CNY. Went to consult doctor, doctor said it's dislocation of my back joint during sleep. Not feeling used to staying home, I MSN-ed Timmy to meet up @ The Curve to collect the TGIF voucher that i won earlier for the TGIF posting.

So here I am blogging from Starbucks, Curve. Was pretty lazy to write as I am lack of inspiration lately and the creative part of mine just fail to shine. The timezone connection today pretty bad that the only site that I had no problem accessing is the blogspot. Was surfing & blog hopping political blogs and in this posting I would love to share some sites that actually worth a visit to read and to know what is actually happening in our Boleh-land.

Let me introduce Nathaniel who blogs at , I came to know him (not really in person), during the time he was arrested by the police. Went to a few of his forum after his release to share his experiences & saw him a few times during talks by the Coalition Party. Also check out Nat's gf who blogs at PolyTikus.

Another political blog that I visit almost daily would be ScreenShots by the famous Malaysian Blog Godfather. Knew him through his blog and eventually met up with him a few times during LG Mobile function & meeting. A very down to earth man who catches attention almost immediately when he talks.

Rant blog by the daughter of former PM of Malaysia, Marina Mahathir is another worth read. She recently wrote about the breakdown of Streamyx service, that is what prompt me to voice my dissatisfaction here as well. She even wrote of thinking to get the Maxis broadband, and Maxis did called her up to offer a free trial. And personally, I do hope some Maxis people read my blog as I had my fair share of ups & downs using the broadband. As of now, the customer service who attended to my call most of the time did not fail me providing me infos that I need. But when comes to broadband, I am a little upset, due to the fact that I cannot cancel the service as according to the contract I had signed up for 18 months agreement. I do hope that Maxis can grant my wish to terminate the service as I would still continue my postpaid services with them. To pay RM138 for a service that I rarely use, I rather use the remaining amount on my mobile. Can someone in Maxis enlighten me pls?

While blogging this, Tim arrived with Samantha handled me the long awaited voucher. Thanks Timmy (like he reads my blog :P ) & Sam of course. Let's catch up another day.

This will a super dull post without pictures, as the bad timezone connection here does not allow me to do so. Will be back tomorrow as Wednesday officially a national public holiday. Geez... one thing good about this country is that we have plenty of holidays.

Hmm... with the voucher who should I call out for dinner leh? Or who is willing to be my date for dinner in TGIF or Itallianies??? Anyone??? *sob sob*


mikeang78 said...

Get well soon bro

Anonymous said...

get well soon, i didn't know that's nathaniel's blog, used to see the link on my sitemeter. yeah those r blogs on my bookmarks too. :)

Michael Song said...

myke... thanks bro...

jane... those bloggers r our future, light & enlightenment :)