Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Getaway to Ulu Yam

2 Sundays ago, my best buddies brought me to this place called Ulu Yam. I had not been there personally but heard of the name of the place, thanks to many famous Ulu Yam Hokkien Mee stalls in KL. It was a pre-planned trip, to visit a local Buddhist temple for blessings. I must say besides that, it was an enjoyable outing with great food & much needed breakaway from the hustle of the city.

After the prayers, we went to this Swee Yen Restaurant located in the suburb Ulu Yam. I got to say I had one of the best Hokkien Mee ever here. We also had Loh Mee and the famous hand-made fish cakes here.

After lunch, we went to a Siamese temple named Satya Temple. I did not know there is such a temple in such secluded town from the city. It is very much a Buddhist temple with great Thai influence on the interiors & exteriors.

We can feel immediate peace in this temple as there were not many visitors on that particular day. As usual we prayed and chill around the temple admiring the craftings & peaceful surroundings.

While chilling & sitting at one corner of the temple, I had this companion who walked towards me, wailing his tails and readily posed for my camera phone, he camwhored a few times and this is one of the best shot that I took.

Finally, while on our way back, we stopped at one of the recreational waterfall park. The slight drizzle did not deter us from pimping the famous Ulu Yam waterfall.

It was a rejuvenating weekend, I might be bringing 2 friends there again after the CNY. Hmm... CNY approaching, and I have not done any shopping yet. Today's Thaipusam but it is an official working day for the sales & product team, but it is OK since we are given a longer break for CNY.

2008... another big change???


Seizhin said...

Going back to nature after stressing work days is surely a bliss.

Michael Song said...

seizhin... true enuff...