Thursday, January 17, 2008

Want a LG LCD TV this CNY?

Many had been wondering with my new assignment in my company, what actually I do in business development. I seldom elaborate much about my clients but this time it will be good to share the in sight of what my new assignment is all about.

Many of my followers & readers would have know that I am attached with one of the electronic giants in the world, LG. I will let some of the pictures here to summarize the activities that I kicked off successfully when I am in the department.

One of the most prominent would be BRAND's Chicken Essence which currently running a co-branding campaign with LG with the Stay Alert, Stay Ahead Challenge. For more details check out at their website here.

So why wait? Stay Alert & Stay Ahead with BRAND's. And who knows? You might be one of the 15 lucky winners to walk away with LG 42" LCD TV.

And if you happen to pimp any 7-Elevens & convenience stores, do check out the Mister Potato Chinese New Year Instant Win Contest. Stand a chance to win instant prizes worth of RM88,888 in cash or LG products when you purchase Mister Potato.

Do also check out their interactive site for more information, who knows this year Choy Sun Yeh is on your side leh?

And the next time you pimp KL Tower, Pavillion, KL Sentral & KLIA, check out the new T Station kiosks. It is one of the alternative advertising medium targetting mostly tourists as this kiosk serves as information counter for tourists. There are LG LCD screens & monitors and if you are looking at an alternative to do advertisement at a targetted segment and an affordable price, get more info here.

ps: this is not a paid advertorial. Any of my readers here keen to work with LG? Pimp me!


Seizhin said...

Brand Essence of Chicken!
:D I've nearly 100 bottles of them in my storage, dont get me wrong though, I didnt drink them.

Jacky Cham said...

cool man....a great way to start the new year. get BRANDS to stay alert, and stay ahead in the new Rat Year. i'll refill my BRANDS supply...almost empty liao.

Michael Song said...

seizhin... but too bad the promo is in malaysia only...

jacky... hope u get the TV for ur new house... just in time :P

Anonymous said...

I'm really happy I won! but almost 2 months, LG say the lcd out of ar? MU vs LIVERPOOL coming up wor... ;)