Sunday, January 20, 2008

Smarter Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) Pls!!!

I am following one of the hottest political drama in Malaysia. Like others, I believe many would have watch the infamous "Correct, Correct, Correct" 14 minutes video clip.

Trilogy: The video clip consisted of 2 clips (Part 1 & Part 2). In that video, starring Malaysian lawyer VK Lingam continously mentioned names of Malaysia's ruling politicians. To summarize it - the video conluded that the was a "suspected" special arrangement in the appointment of Malaysia's Chief Justice (CJ).

With the general election approaching, with the pressure from bloggosphere & public, the RCI was set up. And you cannot blame a simple Joe like me being influenced by all this external factors to even think of migrating out of country. Do not get me wrong, I love Malaysia but not the administrator of this country. If the above is true, can you imagine what other special arrangements this country has? We are talking about the No. 1 man in juridicial hierarchy here, the man who can further make several 'special arrangements' with his authority, the impact on the juricial system of Malaysia.

Sometimes we read in national paper or see in free TV, how opposition leaders was condemned & critisized but these are people who brought us all this to our attention, these are leaders who instill logic when they talk & speak. It is sad to see, when the administrator of this country fail to answer to rakyat's call, we had to with other hundred of thousands Malaysians to walk to the palace to seek King's help. In my humble opinion, I believe all the countries in the world, there would be controversies in politics but I felt ours were drafted in such a comical way & can make us the laughing stock of others. God, I beg for your forgiveness & save this country.

I stumbled upon a posting by Lim Kit Siang which subsequently inspire me with this post. Why the RCI cannot just summon the leading actor??? Arrghhh... f*** it. I am pissed! I need to get coffee, anyone???


mackerel tabby said...

i was shocked to learn abt the whole taping thing and what's actually behind our government. so disappointing.

Michael Song said...

jane... like said, Malaysia BOLEH!!!