Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hong Kong - Revisited

Sorry for the long delayed of my Hong Kong trip pictures. While posting this, I am actually already planning on my 2nd trip there end of this year, hopefully with my other half *cross finger that things will b positive*

Looking at the transportation system sometimes in other country really amazed me. In Malaysia, I do not bother to travel on Putra or Star LRT or our Rapid KL or Intrakota whatsoever. It seems like what these operators in Malaysia have narrow vision & all they care is profit only.

In other country I had traveled, the system is so well organized and coordinated. In other countries, even if you are tourist, you hardly being conned like you will be in Malaysia. Public transport in Hong Kong is so convenient that made car not a necessity there. As long as you are equipped with your Octopus card, you can travel anywhere via MTR, bus, taxi or tram.

I went to Kowloon from Tung Chung, as Tung Chung is in Lantau Island, it is not part of Hong Kong mainland. Tung Chung is where they housed the Disneyland and the International Airport. Traveling to Kowloon via Tung Chung MTR line is so convenient and it cost about HKD$16 and takes about 20 minutes or so to reach the Kowloon station. Upon reaching the station, I took the public bus that cost about HKD$5 or so to go to the Kowloon Central. Though I am a banana (yellow outside, white inside - meaning dunno how to read & write in Chinese lar), the signages are pretty helpful and informative. Trust me, you will never get lost there.

Walking around the narrow street of Hong Kong's uptown & downtown, you will see a lot of big sign boards hanging and dangling. Street is pretty clean and people do not simply smoke anywhere as they like.

For most of my travel experience in other Asian countries, I always make it a point to go for local food, instead of fancy restaurant. During my first day there, I went to this local restaurant, in Hong Kong, they called it "Char Chan Teng" where most local common average Joe will patronized. Having a meal in Hong Kong is not cheap but be assured that your one value meal, you will be blardy full and will hardly get hungry easily. The value meal normally comes with a main (noodle/rice) & drink.

When you are in any "Char Chan Teng" in HK, the only drink you must drink will be the tea-milk or "Nai Char" they called in Cantonese. HK's tea-milk will put Wong Kok or Kimgary so called HK Char Chan Teng to shame.

I went breakfast with my brother at this particular "Char Chan Teng" in Kowloon. I had this beef fried with egg & rice. Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!

While my brother had this pork chop in sweet sour sauce & rice.

My brother's gf opted for their "Wan Tan Mee". Look at those dumplings, I had a bite. Again for the price you paid for it, you won't feel any bit cheated because the quality ingredients in it.

All in all, I spent about HKD$140 for the breakfast meal for 3 person, we felt bloated really finishing and beware, in HK, do not be a smart alec to order additional like what I normally did in Malaysia, cos it is not easy to finish the whole main meal by yourself.

HK people also like beef stew with its parts a lot, they called it "Ngau Lam", and no matter what the people commented how good is the Ngau Lam in Peel Road & Jalan Alor Malaysia, I beg to differ. HK got the best "Ngau Lam" ever!

Just look at this picture, too bad for those who do not take beef :P

As we walked around, in some of the major complexes you can see these horse statuettes, this is where the local Hongkie but their stake on the horse racing. Chinese people surely love gambling don't they? Hehehe...

Ok... it's about 2.30am now, tired of resizing my photos d, so what's the next thing I gonna write bout HK? A bit of teaser at the picture below.

OK dudes, I am signing off for now...


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