Friday, May 23, 2008

Thorn(S) in the Flesh

Tun Dr M vs "Flip Flop" Pak Lah received many reactions from other netizens who blogged. Who is the real thorn in the flesh? As vocal as before, I felt Tun Dr M won the battle over the sleepy head, read Chedet.

This man below calls Tun Dr M the thorn in the UMNO flesh finally left. And Tun Dr M countered with this. Don't you remember you were once the thorn as well?

If it is true that this man is the thorn in UMNO's flesh, why this old man wanna involved the King to solve the issue? Aziz Tapa, lu ni OK tak?

I would say the REAL thorns are still enjoying themselves in UMNO. Love the poster below from Mob's Crib.

Let's watch the drama. Now only the beginning!

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