Sunday, May 04, 2008

More Cold Jokes About This Country

You know the risk staying in this country? If you make a statement, the police can treat it as seditious and they have the right to arrest you, confiscate your laptop/desktop wtf...

My dear police, last night Jalan Sultan Ismail in front of Wisma Genting was blardy jam, what you guys doing? Surfing blogs and trying to knock us bloggers down? Seriously, my dear BN, are you changing? Are you listening to the people? Niamah!!!

I agree with RPK...
Murderers of Altantuya should be sent to hell - not only send, burn & rot in HELL!

And is it true that the recently deceased Tan Sri Nasimuddin, being investigated by the UK Police? Member-member dia puji dia tokoh ahli perniagaan. Bunch of jokers!

Read details here. And here.


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