Wednesday, May 07, 2008


A friend who is also a fellow reader of my blog asked, "Mike, why are you so upset when RPK got arrested as it is none of your business? You had a career, a decent life, why care risking yourself with this post?"

Here's my reply to you. If it is not your flesh that is being cut, you will never feel the pain. You choose to be ignorant but not me. When I read Marina's (RPK's wife) post here, I felt her pain, I felt the tormenting time she is going through as a wife and a mother. We have the power and right to speak out our opinion, my parents gave me higher level of education not only just to earn a decent living in some MNCs but my parents also taught me the basic principle of life. My parents also taught me how to distinguish between what's logic and what's insanity.

On 8th of March, we had shown them the sign, the political tsunami, the voice of the rakyat. Read the wiki definition of Sedition Act (Malaysia) 1948 and using this, the barisan najis think they can f**king (I censored as I know my top management read my blog now) shut the bloggers up and cripple the Malaysiakini operation. Sorry to say, I blog & voice my opinion without fear and this whole saga had indeed upset the whole blogosphere. We indeed had enough of lies & sweet promises from the sleeping log. Arresting RPK alone will not do any help, there are hundreds of other political bloggers out there (although not as insprational as RPK) will definitely stand behind him and we will continue to voice our unhappiness here, this is my own space, we have the exclusivity here. The only law you can do against us will be the Sedition Act 1948.

Am I seditious here?

Well... my hero opts for jail to prove a point, I am here too for a better nation, better law & right and a better future.


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hay there...
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if you come across any online activity to support RPK,
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