Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mike In Real Life

Firstly, happy labor day to all. Last night was one of the best night ever spent, I did not know that in Cheras there is a place nicknamed "Little Genting", an indeed a lovely evening spent with someone I am in love with. Oh no, I am not attached as yet, it is in the progress, I was seen by many including her that I have not completely erase my past memories, something I would not want to debate and will allow God to arrange for me.

I hardly write about relationship these days, perhaps it had been a while since I last really "in love". I found someone though, someone I had known for years, someone I felt very comfortable with, someone I miss right now while doing this post and someone I think I would grow old with.

And... hmm... it's labor day today, I am home, watching few DVDs and resting. She is at work at the moment, I hope everything goes well at her side. And there is this movie I just finished, Dan In Real Life, a comedy I highly recommend.

For those who had taken leave for tomorrow, enjoy the long break ya. For those in love, love is not just feeling, love is also about ability.


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