Friday, May 02, 2008

Mikemmery's Attempt To Be A Copywriter

Sorry for not updating for the past few days. Besides my day job, I recently was requested by someone to assist on copy writing. I truly do not understand the role of copywriter until I took up the offer, Though short, it was not easy on my first attempt. I am glad indeed that someone who commented and discovered that I have talent in writing, thanks thanks *kembang a bit*

I just finished that piece and emailed to her, hopefully it meets her expectation lar. Phew, what else to update ar?

I just do a makeover again on my new Windows based laptop, changed it to OS X Leopard now. Damn canggih you know. Follow back my few posts back for dummy's guide k. Damn simple...

Besides that, damn a lot to update lar... niamah my hero RPK got called up by our mata for questioning over a post on his site. Kalau kita tak salah, well... BLOG WITHOUT FEAR!!!

And if only our other majority politicians can be as down to earth as this menteri contoh.

Our humble CM on Economy class just like one of us Malaysian. Picture courtesy from mrmanager, you can check his posting here.

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