Monday, May 26, 2008

The Ladder Is Too Hard To Climb

As you entering your middle age, for those who are working & climbing the corporate ladder, job motivation & satisfaction play a significant role to push you up to another level. I had just gotten my evaluation and the results are not up to my expectation.

To many who knows me through my blog will thought that I am a highly paid manager after throughout these years I spent in the same company but to many who knows me in real person would commented that I am underpaid based on the contribution & hours of work I spent in the office.

I am always hesitated to write about my job but the uneasiness I am having now prompted me to vomit what I felt inside me. Looking back on the increment & promotion, at times you wonder, why certain individual seem to be appreciated more than the others? I am not particularly super upset over my increment & promotion, I feel it is only fair for me to be evaluated again next year as I am holding a new portfolio altogether this year and I am pretty sure my department will fair well this year. Life is about 2 choices anyway, I had sent ultimatum to my immediate boss and he agrees that my increment is not justifiable as well, I am keeping my option open and at the same time my passion for my work is still burning as ever. I just hope it will not die off, I see myself to be somebody here and I want to make the best out of my career here.

As a consolation to my bad days last week, I pampered myself over the weekend, I put aside all my job assignments and took time off to try out the Fish Spa. I tried the Sampuoton Fish Spa located in the Merchant Square, Tropicana. I took the Fish Therapy package which comes with an hour of fish nibbling my whole body. It does feel akward but it was a good experience.

After the fish therapy, I went for 2 hours body massage at The Sokushindo, Bandar Puteri Puchong. It was really good, highly recommended, I felt so much refreshed on a Monday where many would be experiencing Monday blues.

Congratulations to my colleagues who got a fair bit of increment & promotion and to those who felt like shit me now, patient... Life is all about 2 choices, isn't it?

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