Monday, May 19, 2008

Yuen Buffet Steamboat - Frightening Experience

Bumped into few bloggers accidentally over dinner a while ago, to be exact bumped into Stewie, Samantha, KY & partner. We happened to dine in the same steamboat restaurant, Yuen Buffet Steamboat in Sunway Mentari.

All pictures courtesy of KYSpeaks in his earlier post about this buffet steamboat outlet. To be frank, besides it is cheap, I am not totally overwhelmed or over excited about this steamboat place. I see people flooding this place, and I do not freaking understand people fight for food here. Damn it, I mean there will be scene like hungry ghosts lining up and pushing their way through just for CHICKEN WINGS. Niamah!

After dinner, chatted a little with Tim, he enlightened me on something, this blardy Yuen Restaurant is like a bomb, waiting to be exploded anytime. We both do not remember seeing water sprinkles or fire extinguishers in this building and it is a hazardous place really to dine. It is pretty frightening after he mentioned that to me. And sorry to Sam for the smoke (sorry, I indeed know you are allergic to smoke), KY you are too big to know me lar, I am just a small ikan bilis in this blogosphere. Keke... Anyway nice to meet you & your partner.

Thank Buddha it's holiday, I never like Monday Blues. Hope can catch a movie later with *ahem*

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