Friday, May 30, 2008

Moment of Truth

This week is pratically an awful week for me, it seems like I somehow lost the touch & inspiration in whatever I do including posting a blog. My brain always seem to have never-ending thoughts that I love to share but for this time around, I am a bit lost & tired.

Tired of what happening around me. Tired with my country, with all the No Action Talk Only (NATO) politicians endlessly battling themselves out publicly. Tired with the underpaid and long hours that I have to battle through Monday to Friday. Tired of paying my monthly commitment to the bank. Tired of friends & colleagues asking me silly questions that I have no answer to it. Tired to love and tired of waiting to be loved.

I cannot wait to end this week, it is definitely a week I want to erase and get my engine started again next week. I refuse to talk bout politics & my work, I want to make it a point I leave the office 6.30Pm sharp today.

Next week - looking forward to my sister from Hong Kong, looking forward to my holidays with my family in Port Dickson.

Forgive me, I am leaving now.... for.... RedBox, Curve.

Happy weekend everyone. Cheers!

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