Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Life @ 30

This post is specially dedicated to one of my best friend in high school, Michael Ang. This post is to welcome Yu Chen to the world. Buddy, congrats & I am seriously happy for you.

Not many of my close buddies who I grew up with have settle down. I have not seriously thought of settling down after my previous relationship. But I do open up myself to welcome a fresh start for this girl who I am fond with but unfortunately she still felt doubtful on certain things about me. To all my readers who thought I am attached all this while - No, I am not attached. Yes, I am seeing someone as a 'special' friend. How long does this 'special' friend relationship be dragged, I am unsure myself too.

Seeing my best buddy's first child on video did gave me a certain rush of emotions. I love kids, I always do. Even the girls that I got involved with in the past commented that if I ever have kids, I will neglect the wife. I like to be surrounded by kids, I like the way they pester you at times to play with them. Then I think to myself, is this a sign that I am desperate to have a family of myself? My family, I know my dad & mom eagerly waiting for that day as I am the eldest in my family. Mom & Dad, if you are reading this (they are my readers as well), your son is working very hard towards it.

I had mellowed down a lot on my work. I used to work late hours, forcing myself to be in office although I can be home. But lately, I felt tired with work. Tired at times having to face pretenders in workplace. It is hard to find people who can work with passion, I can see more pretenders who are hungry for power & politicking in the office. Nobody will remember the milestone you achieved for long and when a slight error inflicted in your work, people tend to put a death sentence to you. So I had made a vow not to let working life kills off my quality lifestyle.

I am spending more of my after work time with my chilling with my buddy talking about business opportunities, discussing about my new house, parasiting his family life while I am single & spend more effort pursuing my next piece of jigsaw puzzle in my life. I spend more time reading blogs & posting at least a post a day to share what is it in me everyday. Blogging has phenomenonly inspire my life and amazingly it had been the best listener for the past 3 years for me.

Now if you excuse me, I gotta continue my PSP God of War. What a life @ 30?!?!?!?


mikeang78 said...

wahahha hoh seh la bro thank you very much!!
your turn next!

Michael Song said...

bro mike... when its my turn, will tell u.. .hehehe...