Friday, June 27, 2008

MikeMmery Pimped Ole-Ole Bali, Sunway Pyramid

It had been a while since I last write about the makan places. I had this authentic Indonesian food at Sunway Pyramid, it resembles Bumbu Bali @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong which I did a posting for it in the past.

Food wise very much alike Bumbu's. The only thing which is much better is the restaurant's ambience & surroundings. Huge comfortable Balinese plank chair, the smell of some scented joss sticks make the place pretty relaxing and soothing.

But be aware when you order the food. Unless you had a big tank like mine, it is advisable especially for ladies to share their food. Because the portion is really big.

We had this Ayam Betutu and Siap Megoreng which all these specialties will be served with Nasi Kuning, Sambel Matah, Sambel Terasi, Rempeyek, Sauteed Kangkong & other condiments. Both come with half chicken. So imagine the portion.

Then my lady friend had this Mixed Green Salad - a mixture of fresh vegetables, hard-boiled egg, fried shallots, fried tofu with spicy lemongrass & shallot dressing.

And the picture below is another Balinese specialties, Nasi Campur Ole-Ole. It is the combination of Balinese Grilled Lemongrass Prawns, Squid, Fish, choice of beef or chicken rendang & sate lilit, served with Lawar, Sambel Terasi and Sambel Matah.

And the desserts they served put Baskin Robbin to shame. We had this special Banana Bowl - three scoops of Ice Cream (vanilla, chocolate & strawberry), tempting toppings & bananas. Yummy... yummy...

And the damage - trust me, with this wholesome dinner, the damage is relatively be categorized under "Affordable & Reasonable".

Ayam Betutu - RM22
Siap Megoreng - RM21
Nasi Campur Ole-Ole - RM30
Mixed Green Salad - RM7
Banana Bowl - RM9
Service & BN's taxes (15%) - RM13.35

Total Damage - RM102.35

Tempting huh?

Where is Ole-Ole Bali?

0B-1C, Ground Floor,
Main Entrance,
Oasis Boulevard,
Sunway Pyramid
Tel: +603-7492 0308

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