Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Drinking & Clubbing - Code of Ethics

I had slowed down a lot in the clubbing scene this year. Those were the times, many clubs that I usually frequent during my college days here already gone defunct - Emporium, Atmosphere, Nouvo, Viva just to name a few. The only club that is still surviving up to now is The Beach Club.

When we talked about clubbing, how can we not talk bout drinking? If we club & dont drink, it is so incomplete, it is like sex without foreplay. I had gone clubbing with various groups of my friends. I would say I miss my old bunch of club kakis, at least they know what is the real meaning of ethics.

Have you experience before one of those fuckers will keep on knocking your glass asking you to bottom-up? To me, one or two times I really do not mind. But continously a few glasses, and when you refuse to drink, they say you never give face. I mean wtf with giving face or not? I am sharing the cost, I drink as of when I want and I want to enjoy my night and still wake up in the morning without hangovers. Not only that, I hate going with bunch who know the fact that we going Dutch on the cost, they are WASTING liquor like nobody business. Imagine 3 bottles of Black Label for a group of 10 pax in less than an hour. Crazy right?

Things are getting real expensive now. Last I heard there will be a great petrol hike tonight. After BN won the GE12 tragically, this is what they had delivered to us. And we got some talk-cockers keep on stressing on the government subsidy to the rakyat. 8th March, we Rakyat want a change. This time, I want you corruptors out of the government, Goddamnitt!!!


foongpc said...

Hi,agree with you on those people who drink too much and too fast. I seldom go clubbing cos it's a waste of money and drinking too much affect my health. Now with petrol prices increasing and coming up in July, no more 20-day interest free period for credit card holders who don't make full payment, life will be tough for Malaysians.

Michael Song said...

foong... drinkin is ok for me... but sometimes just that instead of enjoyin, u end up pissing in the pants...