Thursday, June 26, 2008

Water For Petrol???

Read this interesting article in Uncle Zorro and I guess it will be a good share to all with the recent petrol price hike by Bodohwi.

Water for gas??? I was a bit skeptical about it until I read this. It makes sense. We all know water is known as H20. Meaning to say water is composed of 2 parts of Hydrogen & 1 part of Oxygen. So if we can extract Hydrogen & Oxygen from water, meaning it can be fuel, logical isn't it? With Hydrogen as burner & we all know that we need Oxygen in order to have a burning.

Now that really make sense innit? And if water can replace fuel, fuck do I look like I care if Bodohwi going to increase the petrol price to RM10/litre or not because now water is free, if you stay in Selangor, water is absolutely free and we do not have to be like some fuckhead who mentioned that Malaysia will be net importer of petroleum in 2011. If they really concern, invest in the below system and make it happen. And Petronas will tell me, "Do we look like we care for the rakyat?"

Imagine all cars in the world running on water. Where can I get this in Malaysia? The Water Power.

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GnomeFan said...

then the price of water increase also..