Thursday, June 05, 2008

Party That Rule Malaysia, Party BN, Party Barang Naik

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Every Tom, Dick & Harry were talking about it this morning and probably they will continue debating about it during their lunch & dinner time.

Petrol price increased by a massive of 40%.

Full tank on my MyVi previously may cost around RM60, now I have to fork out RM84 for a mere 1.3 litre car.

Who to blame? Barisan Najis? The government? I would say it was those who voted them in to be blamed. Parti Keadilan De Facto Leader, DSAI with his press statement stressing that keeping the petrol price low is still one of his top priority agenda.

And you think RM2.70/litre is a burden? Price will be reviewed monthly.

Do you also know that with every increase of US$1 per barrel for crude oil, Malaysia is earning an additional of US$250 million? Where is the logic? Why must we support a government who assumed the rakyat do not know the math? Why compare us to other countries that do not have oil & gas? Why not you compare us with the country who produces oil & gas?

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According to the Finance Minister 2, Nor Mohamed bin Yakcop in an interview, "...keuntungan Petronas sepatut digunakan untuk masa depan negara dan juga anak-anak dan cucu-cucu kita..." full interview here.

Anak siapa? Cucu siapa? Goblok!

After petrol, TNB also announced to increase their rates. Who to blame in the end of the day?

Petrol naik.... checked! 40%
Elektrik naik... checked! 18% for home
Barang naik.... CONFIRMED! (?)%

Gaji naik??? I doubt, if yes what is the rate???

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