Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shaving & Waxing

It is interesting sometimes to have close female friends who can talk to you about anything under the sun. I had an evening outing with few close female friends and we were talking about shaving & waxing. Well... not on the leg part but we swayed towards the more naughty area of private part.

One of the girl claimed that she has never shave or wax that part before. My immediate reaction to her, "Eeeee... then it will be bushy". She then rebuked claiming that she did trimming. Being a guy who had been in a serious relationship before, I know all this facts about shaving & waxing as I am the paymaster to all my ex-gfs when I demanded them to get rid of those hair under. Charges then for waxing was in the region of RM80-RM100.

I am not sure about other man, I would prefer girls to shave or even wax all hairs on their body. I felt that this could be a turn off when comes to intimate moment with your partner. Even guy like me shaves.

How about you???

PS: Blogging consistently this week will be a little hard as I am tied up with many work commitments this month. Will be away for full day training on Thursday & Friday. A fellow reader just MSN-ed and asked if I am going to the Nuffnang party, all I need to do is to post something on my blog. Well, when I am not inspire to write something I do not want to write, I rather give up going that party, but I do not mind if Nuffnang can specially invite me as special guest though. To those who are going, enjoy!

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