Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another Stupid Promise After 41% Petrol Price Hike

Report from The Star today, another read my lips from the Barisan Najis. Najib, do not assume that your promise will make the public happy and settle down after the 41% petrol price hike. Do not ass-u-me because when you ass-u-me, you make an ASS between U and ME.

According to report, whatever fucking line extension it was, it was announced back in October 2006. And in that report too, it mentioned that the whole system due to complete in 2012. Blardy 6 years after it was announced. The whole Malaysian rail lines were so fucked up, covering 56KM at the moment, people needs to drive to the station or pay for feeder bus to get to the nearest station.

Najib, not all Malaysians you ASS-U-ME are "katak di bawah tempurung". Let me share with you the map below. This is not another read my lips or promises, this is progressively consistently expanding modern rail line which at the moment covering more than 100km radius with most stations within walking distances and free feeder bus service. And check-out here, when a MTR expansion route is announced, it takes a mere 4 years to get the line operating. While in Malaysia, Najib needs 6 years and I believe more!!!

Do not over promise and under delivering. BN is too famous for that, really too famous. Do it and make it happen, not just another read my lips or promises. Can any politicians in the BN make a difference? Duh... what a crap piece of news for my beautiful Sunday.

Out for my morning coffee now. Ciaoz!

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