Tuesday, June 03, 2008

***LIVE*** Typhoon in Malaysia

I am working in the office until I heard a loud bang outside my office. Feeling curious, I pimped through the window and for the very first time of my life in Malaysia, I experienced typhoon. The thunder is clapping while I am posting this.

2 months ago, I experienced typhoon level 1 in Hong Kong whilst heading to the top of Lantau Hill. Then the next day in HK, I experienced typhoon level 3 where most of the shops there will close early.

What happened today IMHO is probably typhoon level 4-5, the wind is so blardy strong that it damaged & shattered one of the glass doors of my office building.

For those who are planning to leave the office soon, stay till the wind calms down ya. Those who are rushing somewhere, just be safe.


Galvin said...

Sigh. Scariest weather I've ever seen so far.

Looks like we are totally screwing up mother nature :(

Blog about it too:

Michael Song said...

a sign fr god perhaps...