Monday, May 21, 2007

My Weekend

My weekend was alrite but was spoilt by an SMS which reads like this "Please discuss with Zitron on Monday & suggest to me what models you want to concentrate this month to increase KL sales". To increase KL sales??? How when the most fundamental rules are not obliged? I will just try my best to do it, sincerely my very best to do it. I even came back on Saturday to plan what am I going to do this week. It is not an easy motherfucking position to hold in this company, I am so stress now.

Saturday - came back to office and finished off my emailing and reporting at about 2pm, then accompanied Kenneth to check out tattoo designs in Kepong. Catch up FA Cup Final with bunch of my buddies in Selayang, match between the Devils & the Blues. We lost, too bad we lost. A goal that cruelly sent MU home but a simple masterpiece classic goal that I got to admit Blues is the better team that night. Perhaps we can do better next season.

On the bright side, for avid Devils out there, do not be disappointed, we are most likely to have an additional powerhorse in our team, Owen Hargreaves, a long time target for Sir Alex will finally be part of the Theatre of Dreams for 17million pounds. Hope we can sing the treble song next season, and thanks to Badawi intervention, we will be able to catch a glimpse of these superstars on our soil come this July. Cross fingers, they will be here.

Sunday - finally Kenneth got himself inked. 2 tribal Ibanese on both upper shoulders. And each & everytime I accompanied someone to this kind of place, there is a sudden surge of androlines in me to be inked as well, perhaps I will, perhaps. This parlour is located in Kepong Desa Jaya, easily visible and there are 2 artists who are doing the job, Deck & Calvin. Chong, do not forget your commitment with me ya.
Overall, not a bad weekend minus the SMS my immediate superior sent to me. Tomorrow is someone's big day. And Cynthia, if you are reading this, I can't wait to meet up with you tomorrow. More updates coming along mates!!! Cheers!!!


Jacky said...

peng iu.....cari makan susah la... sometimes gotta swallow the bitter pills lor. what to do? but stay tough, 'cos the road in front of us is still long....

kennethnorman said...

no worries mate...u can always diversify urself...just do what u think it's right for you at the moment.

mikeang78 said...

Go man u go man u!