Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Will Follow You

I do think DiGi got the best marketing plan ever, I love the song and their new product in "Fu-Yoh", this shows that how important is Malaysian market to them, how do they adapt to Malaysian culture and way of doing business. Sometimes I just wish my company can understand and adapt to our culture better but sad to say it is not. Koreans are aggresive which to a certain extent I have respect for them, but sad to say their arrogance and inflexibility had caused many unrest in this industry.

It is always luckier to be the softer gender in my company. We had small birthday surprises for our lovely colleague Li Chin. Went Secret Recipe for lunch with a bunch of close colleagues. Secret Recipe, your food sucks big time, your bolognaise sucks! Your tomyam spaghetti sucks! Your fish & chips sucks! Nevertheless, no deny that your cakes are good. Lucky Li Chin had 2 cakes for her birthday.

Happy Birthday again Li Chin, she is in Korea now while I am posting this, enjoy your training there and sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well throughout the trip, get well and shop more ya.

Finally for my car, I got everything done. From police report to insurance company, rushing around to get the paperworks done. Now in the workshop, hopefully to get my car in 3 weeks time. Hope everything will be fine, perhaps I do not have to change my car so soon though I got plan to do so. This few days, working been hell. Luckily Angeline loaned her car to me while she was away, thanks dear. I owe you a treat.

After this posting, I need to go out to meet some customers, today is one of my colleague's birthday as well. Happy birthday Joanne!!!
ARRGGHHHH @#@&^#&$ .... I am stressed!!!


gossip with david said...

Hey Mike who is the lovely gal Li Chin... I think I never met her during my time.

Hope everything goes fine with your car to be fixed.

kennethnorman said...

chun chick bebeh...