Saturday, May 19, 2007

I Am Old

Last nite, had a great 2 hour sessions of futsal @ a new turf - Sunway Extreme Park. Much better field I got to say but the journey to this place is hell. Not many people turned up so got to play most part of it. Damn tired, whole body aching now. Imagine a 80 kilos running around the field, my leg gave way last nite, can't even walk properly. Nevertheless, got to camwhore my sweaty look, sexy huh? ;) Anyway, I feel I AM OLD....

A friend msn me why for the past few days I have not been updating my blog, I am deeply sorry and in fact I had been busy with work. Since the SHINE launch, I hardly have time to be in the office, most of the time I got to go out the market meet those big dealers, checking the response, arranging promoters for them, follow up on problems with the phone, etc. But, SHINE been a great companion with me now, I am using it at this moment and most of the time when I come across something I feel I need to post in the blog, I will snap it with my SHINE.

I was in Low Yat on Wednesday, as I am doing a promotion with a dealer there at the concourse area. Nature call, went to their toilet. KNNBCCB... freaking RM 1 for toilet entrance, damn 9 sohai right? They call it premium toilet, premium my foot lar...

On Tuesday (15/05), I just cannot forget this girl's birthday, cos she made me to remember it, see what she did to my calendar?

I thought I am unable to celebrate with her as I need to go Klang that day itself, but in the end also we made it happen for her. Joanne, happy birthday and sorry for my late update here. She is a new addition to LG and been a great friend so far. We threw a surprise to her @ the office and took some of her lovely pictures on her big day.

Her lovely cake (before) (after)

Look at how monsters in LG molested her cake. Excuse me, I did not even had a piece of it, I was the cameraman of the day ;)

I like this picture, at least I know I took a better picture than those newspaper photographer who took her picture and posted in the newspaper ;P Agree Joanne?

This month is going to end soon, already celebrated 2 birthdays this month alone and another one more to go next week. My car, when can you be ready? Should I change to a new car? Or shouldn't I? I am looking forward to an outing next week, so definitely more pictures and more updates soon. MUACKS everyone!!!


Sheali~雪莉~ said...

hey, good to see your updates. Futsal was tiring hor...

mikeang78 said...

mick, pls note my birthday on your calendar ok... 28 OCT!