Friday, May 04, 2007

The Holidays

Wesak & Labour Day fell on the same day and we got a long holidays for the past one week. I had a guest down for a visit, Visit Malaysia 2007, I believe the campaign had attracted a lot tourists here. My friend from Thailand, Sun (funny name but who is the Moon?), was down for the holidays, so I guess I am a bad host, seriously a bad host. Her first day here, I brought her to the Curve, then after that we went to Selayang to find my best friend for dinner, brought her to Sg Wang & Lot 10 as well, luckily she managed to buy some stuff, if not I will feel blardy guilty. She did commented that the fashion back @ her country are much much better. Then brought her to few night spots for a drink, we went Sanctuary, Laundry & Red Bar.

The Genting SkyWay. And my friend, Sun.

I think overall, the place she enjoyed most was Genting Highlands. Since it was a public holiday, we are unable to book any room. We went up with Genting SkyWay, my first time as well. My last trip up there was with my ex-gf for my birthday, so while on my way up, there was thoughts of her, I got to admit it. So back to my friend, ya we enjoyed, went to theme park and tried this Flying Coaster, was cool!!! And tried the Space Shot and a few others stuff there. Tiring but at least had a good company & good holidays. I miss going holidays with Emm though :-)

The Space Shot & I dunno how to call it Spinning Physcho maybe?

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