Tuesday, May 22, 2007

LG Camwhoring

Serious session of camwhoring during LG Grand Convention @ Shang. Pinky pinky me!!!

Andrew, OK Jung & Roy. 2nd pic with Jason & Andrew.

Joanne, Roger & Ernie. 2nd pic Jason & Andrew again. God they love camwhoring!

My most respected dad and Vincent.

Caught in action with Roger & Chai.

Brother Andrew & Jason (the strong SEE people) & GSM team.

My CFO, KK Kim & my best buddy-cum-colleague, Andrew.

Logistics powerwoman, Ms. Tan, Andrew & Francis.

The ever loving Mandy & being flanked by 2 hot chicks, "It's getting hot in here!"

Camwhoring with Mandy never been so fun. And JB Lim, the best and most approachable Korean PM.

Most eligible LG APM and best buddies, Andrew, Roger, Roy & Nikki.
Finally, my 2 new best lunch companions, Joanne & Li Chin ;)


Sheali~雪莉~ said...

you are so sharp in the photos. Haha

mikeang78 said...

Mick, nice pics!