Saturday, August 04, 2007

Home Sweet Home & ME

Drove back from KL this morning @ 2am (after an outing @ Sanctuary), it felt good to be at home, really it does. In fact I am doing this posting @ Starbucks, Mahkota Parade.

Reached Melaka @ about 4am and took a good good sleep, woke up and went lunch with dad. It had been a while since I last went for lunch personally with dad, normally it is a family affair but mom and brother were both in the shop. Will blog bout the good food I had in Melaka in my next posting.

Things aint that promising & aint that bright in my current company, working for the past August month and last week been really a challenge to me, this is my 2nd trip back to Melaka in 2 weeks, cause for the very first time I felt hell in KL, seriously, everything is like pushing you to the limit, I guess I need a breakaway, a rejuvenation session by myself, to clear my mind and meditate perhaps :P

Work aside, I am particularly happy with my blog, the peeps I met, new friends I made, and my site been gaining reasonable readers daily. Thanks for the support and this will be the inspiration for me to carry on seriously with blogging.

Keep tuning in ya!!!

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