Friday, August 10, 2007

Bujang : Month # 8

8th month, cepat-nya... I am suppose to do a video blogging for today's post. And I gave a sneak preview to one of my colleague, she said my look too tired and ask me to re-do it, so I decided to postpone to a later yet to be announced date for my very first video blogging.

Lately I had been thrown a lot of questions, why I do not go after my ex-gf since I still have feelings and miss her fondly. Yes people, I do miss her, do I really need to say and elaborate more? Perhaps it is not about the time as yet. We have not been seeing each other for many months, only occassional MSNes & SMSes exchange. I do not want to pursue in a very aggresive way as I do not want my passion becomes irritation to her, that is the very last thing I hope it will happen though. I am not very sure if she is following the blog or not, I am not proving anything here, I just need a medium for me every month today to express my true feelings and my ego indulging in the bloggosphere. The support & words of encouragement from the comments always been a great help to install back my motivation and my confidence.

Time spent in office, my blogging and travelling had been keeping me occupied. My time is most of the time fully utilized, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all for keeping me company throughout this period of time.

Have I met anyone interesting? Hmm... personality wise, I have met a few but most of the time the good breed are all taken up.


To all friends that shared their feelings with me, hang on there. Cry when you felt want to, pour out your feelings when you felt you have to. Life isn't that gloomy I believe, love & relationship are just things that we have to experience in our growing up process, things just happened for a reason, perhaps God has a better plan for us.

And for those who is in lovey dovey thingy right now, treasure it and deep down I sincerely wish you peeps love. For guys especially, try not to be a PLASTIC k and for girls, try not to throw excessive tantrum when the other party fail to please.

Enough said, Happy Singlehood to me... and just for today,


ps: no pics today, and went dinner with 2 of my besties last nite @ The Curve. Very unfortunately, due to his reckless self, one of my besties lost his phone. I hope him well, guess he will be reading this, you need phone you let me know ya ;)

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